David Dondero’s Simple Love will be released on August 21st…

tl23From the acclaimed songwriting troubadour David Dondero comes Simple Love, David’s second release for Team Love Records, and the follow up to the critically lauded 2005 release, South of the South. Few songwriters have experienced and expressed the sinking depths and uplifting optimism of humanity like David Dondero, and his ability to shine a light on the human condition (his own included) is inspiring. Dondero is best known for his narrative tales of America. Having spent most of his life on the road, Dave uses his staggering lyrical talent to paint tales of life in the US of A through clever word play and sarcastic humor (as represented in the album title) about some of life’s most sensitive subjects. Simple Love is a poignant collection of songs woven with sentimentality, contempt, humor, and lust. Simple Love will be released on August 21st.

in the mean time, listen to two exclusive tracks: rothko chapel + simple love