CSS and Tilly and the Wall met during various performances on the European festival circuit. Meeting out of an interest in each others music they became fast friends and soon after shared a tour bus on a European tour. Having so much fun together on the road they vowed to do it again in the states, and the Fall of 2008 provided them such an opportunity. Not wanting to miss out on such a fun and unique tour, Rob Walters and his film crew approached the bands with the idea of filming. CSS & Tilly and the Wall Appearing Live Tonight! Is the resulting document.

APPEARING LIVE TONIGHT! is a 73 min concert documentary capturing these unique bands’ live show experience. Containing live performances and all access backstage footage APPEARING LIVE TONIGHT! introduces the viewer to CSS and Tilly and the Wall in an intimate way never explored before with these musicians. Exclusive interviews with the bands supplement the footage, covering a range of topics, from each band’s beginnings to the current double billing and what may lie ahead of them in the future.