RELEASE DATE: October 13, 2017
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  1. Slow Motion 02:21
  2. Revolving 03:34
  3. Open Eyes 03:00
  4. Do You 03:13
  5. Jungle Gym 03:10
  6. Prototype 03:26
  7. Somebody 03:51
  8. NOVA 01:13
  9. Houdan the Mystic 03:43
  10. East Coast 03:39

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Art Rock is a pretty broad term. Yet, when describing Providence, Rhode Island’s Roz & The Rice Cakes, the term Art Rock is not just appropriate, it’s dead center in terms of what they do and how they do it. Under the stuttering time-changes, the crescendos and the complex arrangements, at the heart of these songs, there’s a simple pop quality that roots the band at a cross roads where Fleetwood Mac and Henry Cow mingle with Bettie Serveert and Gwen Stefani. Roz & The Rice Cakes is equal parts experimental and catchy, energetic and bookish, daring and sugarcoated. This new album, Devotion is a sonic leap for the band. Roz Razkin from the band says: “Devotion was very different.  We spent months working out the material, through multiple recording sessions at Big Nice Studio in RI with our good friend and engineer, and co-producer Bradford Krieger.  This new writing process found us diving into a conceptual framework that explored the connections between humanity and the universe.”