RELEASE DATE: February 24, 2017
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  1. Everybody Loves the Weekend (featuring Nahte) 03:16
  2. Tonight I Feel Like I’m in Love [Sub Hero Mix] 04:04
  3. Under the Sun (There’s Nothing New) [Sub Hero Mix] 04:00

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On a dreary August afternoon in a backstreet bar, Alcatraz Electro and bentcousin discovered they were real over martinis and a bottle of Becks. The seagulls sang outside.

There was talk of a lift to the radio studio but the back seats of the white sports car were already occupied. A large gold keyboard was the guest of honour.

The presence of the twins' unknown Uncle unsettled. He sat quietly in the window sipping on the first of nine cans of pre-mixed gin and tonic bought en route from Spar.

The new disco team set up between bookshelves and DVDs. The soundman was late and the radio presenter called him a rude word.

Alcatraz had a dilemma. To wear or not wear a bucket hat for the radio performance.

Amelia suggested he kept it on.

Brighton-born, London-based bentcousin follow their 2016 self-titled debut album on Team Love Records, with three new digital tracks: bentcousin & Alcatraz Electro present bent disco vol. 1 (TL-103), available February 24, 2017.