RELEASE DATE: October 28, 2016
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  1. Two Lips
  2. Angel Dog
  3. Leave Me Be
  4. I Feel How the Snow Falls
  5. Blood Moon
  6. Sanitarium
  7. Passive WIth Desire
  8. Hellmouth
  9. Dark Room

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What separates Choir Boy from a lot of contemporary bedroom pop efforts is the devotion of full band arrangements, live instrumentation and meticulous do’s and don’ts when it comes to production decisions. The subtle transition into a chorus brought on by a Roland TR roll, the strings that come in to guide a song to its close, and the penetrating vocal harmonies that are prevalent across the album all serve to create the beautiful pop moments that elevate this record. Thematically, the album touches on several of the topics that we all can empathize with; mental health, relationships, rebirth, matters that Adam refers to as, “pretty standard for pop music.” “When I started writing songs I was watching a lot of science fiction TV, Buffy and The X-Files. As a formerly religious person, I think I’m especially drawn to the idea of accepting books and television stories as relatable modern mythology that fill the void.” The loss of faith can be a powerful creative force, and in Adam’s case, it could be said that his secular epiphany was channeled directly into his songwriting. “I really loved that I was using vampire imagery and alien abduction to discuss my feeling about existing,” he says. And in the song Two Lips, when he sings, “Tulips of the spring should grow as I decompose,” the theme of rebirth becomes clear. Choir Boy consists of Adam Klopp (vocal, synths, guitar, piano, percussion and sequencing), Katrina Marie Rick Peterson (vocals), Bret Meisenbach (guitar), Jacob Hall (drums), Kyle Hooper (keys) and Chaz Costello (bass), with strings by Alyssa Pyper. The album was recorded Studio Studio Dada in Provo Utah. Passive With Desire will be released on Team Love Records on October 28, 2016 on Tape and Digital, with an LP edition of the album following in early 2017.