RELEASE DATE: June 2, 2015
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  1. Cruisin USA 03:22
  2. Cool Moves 02:33
  3. All The Light 04:25
  4. Hard 2 Wait 02:54
  5. Parking Lot Palms 03:06
  6. Something Else 02:46
  7. Eastern Beach 03:40
  8. Dark Session 02:19
  9. Crumbs and Wires 02:48
  10. Bound 2 Glory 03:54
  11. They Play 03:05
  12. Let Fire Come 01:25

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Zach Burba, the founder of iji, is what you might call a lifer. Iji is always in a state of ‘to be continued,’ in the way that a journeyman is always and perpetually transitioning into the master. They’ve put out numerous albums, singles, cassettes, and splits over the past 10 years; toured coast to coast playing DIY venues and houses where restrictions don’t apply. This type of DIY pop is a lifestyle; it’s Kokopelli roaming the countryside sharing a song in exchange for a roof and a bowl of soup. On Whatever Will Happen, iji has whipped a notebook full of travel poems into a full length American Experimental Highway Pop Opus. The band’s eleventh or twelfth album is the first one recorded at Anacortes, Washington’s “The Unknown” Music Studio with a solid line-up, the Seattle underground music scene’s best players. Jake Jones and Curran Foster from Sick Sad World, Will Murdoch from Pill Wonder, Evan Easthope from Neighbors, Erin Birgy of Mega Bog, plus a handful of jazz horn players and inspired back-up singers. Whatever Will Happen speeds past quiet beaches with soft-rock wind in the hair, through mountain passes with windows-down-power-pop, into seedy cities with free-jazz flavor and shameless disco grooves. The next time iji come to town, I’m going to take them up to the ridge and show them a real swimming hole, something that’s locals-only and worthy of their greatness. And with that said, let’s wrap this up by stating that Team Love is proud to announce the release of Whatever Will Happen. Buy it at your favorite record store June 2nd.