RELEASE DATE: May 19, 2015
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  1. Black Moss
  2. Follow
  3. True Colors
  4. Noise
  5. Apogee
  6. Less Traveled
  7. Pin Oaks
  8. This is Why
  9. Found I Lost
  10. The Wheel

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Johanna Warren is a songwriter based Portland, Oregon. Her new album, newmoon, will be released worldwide on Team Love Records May 19, 2015. In Johanna’s words, “This album is dedicated to the moon: by honoring her phases, I am restoring balance to my body and making peace with the cycles of all natural things; and to the divine feminine: by collectively cultivating her, may we restore balance to our world.” Although Warren has lent her vocal talents to artists like Natalie Merchant and Iron & Wine, she identifies primarily as a songwriter. An intuitively self-taught guitarist, she channels powerful songs in weird time signatures and melancholic open tunings, weaving adept finger-picking with acrobatic vocal lines and carefully crafted poetry, in reverence of her patron songwriting saints Elliott Smith, Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake. “God has his plans, but I’ve got mine, and little good will come to those who stand in line” – Johanna Warren, “Noise.” More here