RELEASE DATE: March 24, 2014 UK, March 25, 2014 USA
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  1. Molly-O!
  2. If You Go To LA
  3. Running Through My Head
  4. Our Lady of the Gun
  5. Bye Bye Palenville
  6. Gettysburg
  7. The Best That Money Can Buy
  8. Heartland
  9. Bastille Day
  10. The Gallows

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In 2010 Simone underwent emergency open-heart surgery to correct the slow, degenerative effects of a childhood fever. It was this close brush with death, coupled with the need to tell his own story, which prompted him to walk the solo artist’s path.   His new full-length album, Strangers, is a ten song collection recorded in the Catskills with guest artists The Felice Brothers, Leah Siegel, and Wesley Schultz & Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers. Here is an effort that truly captures Simone’s rare gift as a poet, song-crafter and unique visionary.