1. Computer Screens And TVs
  2. Sitting On The Sidewalk MP3
  3. Ari Are We
  4. Got Alot of Gull
  5. Only The Times Are Changing
  6. Fishlip
  7. Wish I Was A Fag
  8. Now That I’m Home
  9. Farnam Street
  10. Pretty City
  11. Bad Bands MP3
  12. For Fish
  13. When I’m Gone
  14. Breaks No Heart Of Mine

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Maudlin is in many ways a sonic homage to Capgun Coup’s renowned energetic performances at house parties and Hotel Frank. The famed and notorious Hotel Frank in Omaha has served as a refuge for, and breeding ground of, young musicians and artists since the late ‘80s. It’s also where the band used to live with 23 friends and where the new album was born. The album radiates with youthful, impish verve, from songs like the raw “Bad Bands” to the languid, loudly murmuring “Farnam Street” to the surf-rocking, whirlwind tempest “When I’m Gone”. Exploring the ups and downs of a culture of carousing, frontman Sam Martin delivers clever, lyrical turns of phrase. Capgun Coup recorded Maudlin live, all together in one room, with the help of AJ Mogis, who captured their live sound and highlighted the innate pop sensibility that threads through their vibrant cacophony of alternately angular and loosely jangling guitars and rattling drums.

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