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  1. dialogue
  2. Red House
  3. Shake Your Halo Down
  4. Dialogue
  5. Hit Liquor MP3
  6. Love Catastrophe
  7. Lies About the Sky
  8. Jade Dust Eyes
  9. Gang of $
  10. She Wears He-Harem
  11. Rag
  12. Pebbles
  13. 9 Fingers on You
  14. No. Rm 9 Kentucky
  15. Call of the Playground
  16. Chocolate
  17. X-French Tee Shirt
  18. dialogue
  19. About Three Dreams
  20. dialogue
  21. Day Ditty

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Shudder To Think has announced they will release Live From Home, their first ever live album, on September 15. In the fall of 2008, ten years after the band’s breakup, Shudder To Think reunited in response to overwhelming requests from old and new fans who had either been ardent fans since their first release or those who discovered them after their breakup and had been too young to see them on their last tour. Shudder To Think embarked on a limited number of tour dates during which the band delivered some of the most compelling and potent shows of their career. Shudder To Think’s lineup for these live recordings was: Craig Wedren, Nathan Larson, Kevin March, Jesse Krakow and Mark Watrous.