RELEASE DATE: April 24, 2007
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  1. I Am Not Long for This World
  2. Headlines
  3. XXX
  4. Wedding Song
  5. Cold Comfort
  6. The Victories of Ancestry
  7. Hotel Lobby Bar
  8. Dissolution
  9. Michaela
  10. Running Away Blues
  11. The Wood Will Be a Wake Tonight
  12. My Old Ways
  13. It’s Not Always Pretty

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Dan McCarthy has spent the past five years playing and touring with his friends’ bands, including Mayday, Neva Dinova, The Good Life, Orenda Fink, Maria Taylor, Bright Eyes and others. He has also been heard on a number of Nebraska bands’ recordings, from Cursive’s Happy Hollow (playing piano) to Tilly and the Wall’s Bottoms of Barrels(playing accordion).McCarthy Trenching's self-title release is the "best of" 2003's 'Old Habits' and 2006's 'It's Got Nothing to Do with the Drinking' which was only given to friends and family.Collaborators include Ted Stevens, Ryan Fox, Pat Oakes, Tim Kasher, Orenda Fink, Adrianne Verhoeven, Steve Bartolomei, Alex McManus, Bill Hoover,Renee Ledesma Hoover, and Mark Maziarz.