RELEASE DATE: November 2005
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1. Theme Song
2. All Boy Band
3. She's an Actress?
4. December Snapshots
5. She Teaches Art?
6. Sick Complainant
7. It's a Life
8. Invitation to a Closet
9. L.O.V.E.

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Finally repressed by Team Love! Features members of Tilly and The Wall, Bright Eyes, and The Faint!

Sid from Urinine fell in love with Park Ave. after hearing them on the Saddle Creek Sampler CD. Alas, they had already broken up by that time but lucky for us all they left us with a full album of new songs. The songs were recorded on Clark's four-track right before Jamie left for London. The recording was to serve as a personal memoire for the band, and was never intended to be released. When Urinine heard there were unreleased Park Ave. songs lying around, they jumped at the opportunity to release them. Things are more intimate this time around, lower fi and closer to the soul. It's an album full of songs meant to be put on mixed tapes.