RELEASE DATE: January 2005
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1. Intro
2. Big Trouble In Little Omaha
3. Crack The Whip
4. Year Of The Tiger
5. Rollin Deep
6. Name Buckels, Sheep Coats & Lees
7. Champion Sound
8. Dreamin In Pome
9. Interlude
10. Spruce Vayne
11. Scotch On The Rocks
12. First Day
13. Still Kept Rappin
14. Fade To Black
15. In The Street
16. Hey Ma!
17. I Know Why
18. Bucks & Nuts
19. Take That - (featuring E. Babbs)
20. Bazzaro World

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Team Love is proud to introduce hip hop recording artist Mars Black. Mars is an Omaha, Nebraska based artist who, with his DJ E.Babbs, has made an album that both taps into the traditions of hip hop and at the same time ads something new; call it Midwest flavor, or as Mars says, “We come from Nebraska, all we got is beef.” Mars describes the scene in Omaha, “It is so underground it’s almost non-existent.” And who would have thought that something so raw, that such a wicked tongue, would come from a state known for corn and college football. It is not surprising then to discover that Mars was born in Brookdale hospital in Brooklyn New York. It was at the age of 12 that the shock came, his family moved to Omaha and Mars’ world was turned upside down. 12 years ago he picked up the mic and began to rap. So it has been a long time in the making, but his debut album, “Folks Music” is finally here. “Folks Music comes from music inspired by my folks, by my friends, the life we live and the things we do everyday, “ says Mars about the album’s title. The formula is simple, E’Babbs on the turntables, Mars on the mic. The two set out to record their debut in the winter of 2003. A year in the making, it conjures up everything from Method Man to Gangstarr. Mars cites Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Bob Dylan and the Who as his main influences. You might see Mars driving his ’83 Ford Conversion van, bright yellow with swivel seats, around Midtown Omaha, where he resides and practices his music. But we soon hope to bring him to the national stage. The album drops on vinyl on December 7, 2004. The CD soon follows on January 25, 2005. As odd as it sounds, Omaha hip hop has is coming to the masses.