Last Good Tooth on Daytrotter

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July 10th at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn…


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Last Good Tooth live at Radio K

Also, check out
Folkadelphia Session:
“A comingling of Appalachian style music, garage rock, and a tinge of something weirder and experimental…the folk music of today”

World Cafe NEXT feature

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Conduits – “Misery Train” Music Video Premiere

Directed by Joshua Foo and Jenna Morrison, from the self-titled debut album “Conduits”. You can order the album on at our webstore or on itunes!

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Last Good Tooth in stores now!

Last Good Tooth’s new album “Not Without Work and Rest” is in stores now. Stream it before you buy at FILTER, and Get your copy below!

Order “Not Without Work and Rest” | Team Love Webstore | iTunes

“Music as inspired by the roots music of Blue Ridge Appalacia as New England’s contemporary music scene..a distinctive voice that moves from gravelly to warbling in an instant…” –Utne Reader

“We can’t explain it, but we can sing along to it.” –KDHX Song of the Day

“[Songs] emerge…into richly layered, anthemic compositions, full of hope and fiddle.” –My Spilt Milk

“It is the way that old American music used to tell stories, and [singer] Sultan follows this tradition with his own stream-of-consciousness.” -Beyond Race

“With its entrancing melodies holding a sense of both mystery and familiarity, the band has managed to bring the magic of their live shows to a full-length album” -E Town

“Their melodies are entrancing, trapping you in their sound without complaint-it’s just good music that leaves the complications behind.” -Yankee Calling

“While there’s a few elements that are reminiscent to modern folk, such as the vocals and wordplay, I think this is much more accessible, in an endearing way.” -Austin Town Hall

“Last Good Tooth’s memorable live performances have been earning the band respect in New England and nationwide for years now. On “Not Without Work and Rest” they finally bring the experience and energy of their stage show to a full-length album.” -Frabric Oh

“Last Good Tooth, however, is actually really fucking good.” -Death & Taxes

“It’s not meant to be shiny, but pure and delightful, as if you just came out of the back room washing machine and wanted to sit and sing along to what’s being heard….Let your feet feel the earth.” -This is Book’s Music

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Last Good Tooth streaming at FILTER

Whether it’s honesty expressed via their signature fiddle-laden folk—”You’ve got no right to hear me out; I won’t explain myself. Explain yourself,” LGT dares in opening track, “Look What I Made”—or their decision to feature P.F. Chang’s appetizer menu as their Facebook cover photo, there is a lot to love about this Providence, RI-turned-New York State four-piece. –

Stream Last Good Tooth’s “Not Without Work and Rest” at Filter’s website, and if you like what you hear, order your copy today from our webstore!

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Broderick & Broderick in stores today

Broderick & Broderick, a beautiful collaboration between Peter Broderick and his father, is in stores today! The record is available as both a limited edition 10″ record and digital download. The full album is streaming over at AMBY.

Order “Broderick and Broderick” Team Love Webstore | iTunes

Stream Full Album at AMBY

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