TRACK RELEASE: Darci Phenix – Wishbone

Darci Phenix – new single from the upcoming album of the same name “Wishbone”

a wondrous return

-Secret Meeting

Thanks so much to Secret Meeting for choosing the new song by Darci Phenix as Single of the Week.

“Wishbone” introduces Darci Phenix’s new album, which will be released January 8, 2021 on tape and digital. The artwork is by Kosuke Ajiro.

Pre-order on Bandcamp here.

Darci Phenix, photo by Sarah Phenix

NEWS + REVIEWS: new Kianna White, EX OH, Refried Ice Cream

New release news

Pop Star / Musician
The year is 2020 and the launch of Kianna White’s solo career is a sign of the times.

LIminal space

Get an in depth look at the artist profile by Andrea Glin:


“Love and War” by EX OH is one of The Owl’s Tracks of the Week.

simple, brilliant, uplifting indie pop


Thanks to Jamie Macdonald for premiering the video for the second single “More Of” from EX OH‘s self-titled debut album, which is due to be released November 13. Check out their lovely website, read more and watch the video:


The album is crunchy and fractured, 13th Floor Elevators crushed onto a panini press and melted in the oven for 24 hours.

Will Schube, the passion of the weiss

Thanks to Will Schube for a close listen to beloved psych rock family Refried Ice Cream. Stay up late and read his take on LIFE SPIRIT DEVINE at The Passion of the Weiss.

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NEW RELEASE: Homecoming Queen by Kianna White

Homecoming Queen by Kianna White is out now

The solo debut of Kianna White

Today we celebrate the solo debut of Kianna White. “Homecoming Queen” is streaming now everywhere. Put it on repeat, enjoy a solitary party, laugh in dark times, and follow Kianna across the digital.


Kianna White cut her teeth in the critically-acclaimed indie band Tilly and the Wall. Since 2017, her band Yes You Are (with now husband and co-writer Jared White) has had many song placements in movies, television and commercials, most notably in the Pepsi Super Bowl 51 commercial.  Subscribe to her amazing YouTube channel and watch the video.

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TRACK PREMIERE: Kianna White – Homecoming Queen

Full of irridescent warmth, Kianna White’s solo debut is the record the arrival of autumn is calling for.

Amy Jay Britton for Louder Than War

The secret is out!

The debut single by Kianna White (Tilly and the Wall, Yes You Are) will be released Friday, September 25.

Louder Than War premiered the video, and spoke with Kianna about her new solo project. Read the full story here.

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Refried Ice Cream – LIFE SPIRIT DEVINE


Team Love is happy to share this piece of magic from the Brewer family.

Stream it in all the places

Add it to your apocalypse playlist

Or do as we do and put it on repeat

The album is out now everywhere. Learn more. XOTL


Pleased to announce the latest endeavor by singer-songwriter Lorkin O’Reilly. This three piece extended single features Of Ranchor, FORETTA, and a cover of Tom Wait’s Clap Hands.


Track release: EX OH – Love and War

love and war


Please meet EX OH. The new album is coming soon.

The first single is out now.

Read: Secret Meeting

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New Releases: Tilly and the Wall – Woo! + IW2FIU

Team Love is proud to announce the release of two new albums by Tilly and the Wall

Woo! (TL-146) and I Want to Fuck It Up: Tilly and the Wall 2002 -2013 (TL-147) are out now

Many labels start because a record needs to be released. No one is stepping up to the plate, everyone’s too busy chasing trend and getting boringly drunk at SXSW. This was certainly the case when it came to Omaha’s Tilly & The Wall and the label Team Love. It was viewed by Team Love as a crime against pop-art and all that is good in the world for the album Wild Like Children not to be given a shot: three singers, a tap-dancer, five songwriters, and songs meant to be thrust into the sky with joyous punches. Recorded in a basement by Conor Oberst, the album’s danceability and “f*ck it up” chants, it’s sorrow and punk, dress up brawling and bottled call to friendship and grab-it-off-the-shelf folk was like nothing that had ever come before. It took indie pop and kissed it on the forehead leaving a glitter smear.  It stomped on hate and refused to be part of any scene that wouldn’t let every single kid in the door.

A decade flew by. Everyone, it seemed, moved to Brooklyn and grew beards. The band toured the world, made three more albums, had a hit, and then called it a day. People don’t talk about Tilly & The Wall now the way they should. This Best Of hopes, very simply, to help correct that error.

Woo! is the preamble to all of that. It’s the pre-album, the not-demos packaged in a zip-lock and sold after the show. These songs show a band in its infancy, and to every Tilly fan, this is the final sequence in the mapping of the Tilly genome.

Woo! and I Want to F*ck It Up (Tilly and the Wall 2002-2013) will be released on July 17, 2020 as digital albums, with cassettes arriving in August. Pre-order cassette bundles on Bandcamp. Thank you so much XOTL

Woo! (2002)

  1. I Can’t Believe You
  2. Shake Shake
  3. Do You Dream At All?
  4. In Bed All Day
  5. Pictures of Houses
  6. Sad for Days

I Want to Fuck It Up: Tilly and the Wall: 2002 – 2013

  1. Alligator Skin
  2. Heavy Mood
  3. Sing Songs Along
  4. Beat Control
  5. Pot Kettle Black
  6. Bad Education
  7. Nights of the Living Dead
  8. Lost Girls
  9. Static Expressions
  10. Dust Me Off
  11. Fell Down the Stairs
  12. Rainbows in the Dark
  13. Falling Without Knowing
  14. Love Riot
  15. Do You Dream At All?
  16. The Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You