Good Good Blood – At Your Mercy (2020)

Digital album out now | pre-order vinyl

Very pleased to share the newest release by Good Good Blood – At Your Mercy (TL-137).

Fits well into the quiet corners of a morning.

Gold Flake Paint

The album is now available to stream everywhere.

UK listeners can purchase vinyl from

…intelligent and melodic sensibilities…

Spectral Nights

US listeners and those elsewhere in the world can pre-order the vinyl from

Repeat sittings could inspire even the most ardent pessimist to imagine a better future. 

Balloon Machine

Vinyl orders will begin shipping in March. Stay tuned for updates. XOTL


Thank you, 2019

So many thanks to Palmer T. Lee, Bill Brovold, Girl Gaze, Lorkin O’Reilly, Joanna Sternberg, Good Good Blood, and Napps for sharing your work with the world on Team Love. If you haven’t listened to this lot of magic yet, find links below to where you need to go. Stay tuned for more wonder in 2020.

“This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”
-Leonard Bernstein

Before this garbage year is a wrap, a sincere thank you to the artists that made some of our favorite records of 2019. Find our list here.

Sending love XOTL




New Release: Napps – Extended Play Vol. 1 (TL-140)

Napps – Extended Play Vol. 1

Walking into Fopp the joke is on you it’s raining it’s 1993 PX bought you this Best Of Italian House 6-Sides it was two quid but you have to carry it home on that flight from Glasgow now it’s almost the year 2000 and you’re once again standing in the rain it’s Rock and Soul West 37th and you have a little extra money in your imagination the red MPC looks ripe and so you’re now back in your flat someone pretty with a zine has shown you how to roll a butterfly spliff you perfect the art look out that tiny window she’s with her man they’re grinding the sink is alive the halls are lined with the NYPD you squeeze one last bleep from the SH101 trace the bottom of a pickle jar onto a canvas the proctor tobacco scolds RIP its now 2019 and you think it’s time to quit but a small ant crosses the white note card as you purr cold sweat down your back tossing dead media into a for-hire dumpster listening to Fats not going back…

  1. MPC117    05:24
  2. MPC200  02:24
  3. MPC208  03:58
  4. MPC199   02:46


Extended Play Volume One

25 December 2019

Extended Play Volume Two

14 February 2020


NEW RELEASE: Girl Gaze – My Room

My Room

New single is out now

Girl Gaze follow their debut EP Fade Out with a new track recorded at Vinegar Hill Studios, Brooklyn, with Reed Black.

Buy, stream, add it to your Fall playlists.

“…a mélange of light and airy pop with a soft singer-songwriter quality, and a healthy dose of smooth jazz influence…”

-Phluff on Girl Gaze
Girl Gaze

NEW RELEASE: Good Good Blood – Say Goodbye

Album art
Good Good Blood – Say Goodbye

New song out now stream or download

From the album At Your Mercy, coming in 2020 on vinyl and in the digital:

Pre-order vinyl + digital from Team Love.

UK pre-order from Fox Food for the best shipping rates.

Pleased to share the news, stay tuned. XOTL


NEW RELEASE: Lorkin O’Reilly – Twist

Proud to announce a new single is out today by Lorkin O’Reilly. It’s called “Twist.”

With thanks to:

  • Lee Falco – Producer
  • Will Burger – Engineer
  • Sam Smith – Bass
  • Liri Ronen – French Horn
  • Baxter Koziol – Art
  • Sasha Herman – Design
  • Lorkin O’Reilly – Words and Music

You can stream it in all the places. Please buy it if you like. Bandcamp works fine.

Also go see Lorkin sing it at a show. Upcoming dates along the Hudson are below.

  • 10/26 Hudson  – The Spotty Dog
  • 10/27 New York – The Scratcher Sessions
  • 10/28 New York – Sofar
  • 10/30 Catskill – The Avalon Lounge



Shows | News: Joanna Sternberg

August 23, 2019, Arts

Thanks to The New York Times for previewing tonight’s show at Trans-Pecos

“…Joanna Sternberg writes smart, tightly woven songs indebted to the blues tradition as well as to singer-songwriters like Elliott Smith.”


8.28 @ Trans-Pecos

Gabe Goodman
Joanna Sternberg
Another Michael (solo)

8pm | All Ages | $10/12

Thanks to RIYL for producing this excellent extended interview with Joanna Sternberg

RIYL / BoingBoing podcast. Brian Heater’s longform conversation with musicians, cartoonists, writers and other creative types. Listen below:

RIYL Episode 359 (Bonus): Joanna Sternberg

Thanks to Rolling Stone for the Song You Need to Know: This Is Not Who I Want to Be

Then I Try Some More is a gorgeous bedroom lo-fi rendering of mid-century blues, jazz, and pop (Sternberg is a huge Scott Joplin fan) that carves out a middle ground between Daniel Johnson and Randy Newman.”

  -Rolling Stone

Thanks to BreakThru Radio for their special presentation of the mini-documentary about Joanna Sternberg “No One Really Knows You”

Produced and edited by Bryan Bruchman, if you haven’t yet met, please meet Joanna Sternberg. Follow the links to all the parts of the series below

Very Special Thanks to Joanna Sternberg, and to their producer Joe Rogers, for making the album Then I Try Some More.

Team Love Records is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to release this wonderful work, and we hope you have an opportunity to listen to it — to stream it, or to buy it; to see Joanna Sternberg perform some songs from it. The vinyl and the cd includes artwork, a lyrics sheet, all drawn by Joanna, too.

The first vinyl pressing will sell out soon so get to a show, a record shop, or Bandcamp. STAT.

Team Love is sending love. More news soon. Thank you! XOTL

NEW RELEASE: Joanna Sternberg – Then I Try Some More

The debut LP by Joanna Sternberg – Then I Try Some More – July 12, 2019

Team Love is proud to release the debut full-length album by Joanna Sternberg on vinyl, cd, and digital. Celebrate with us tonight at The Glove in Brooklyn, catch Joanna on tour with Conor Oberst starting next week in Portsmouth, or attend the homecoming birthday bash at Alphaville on August 18, with Miwi La Lupa and friends. Most importantly, get the hard copy before they are gone. Buy or stream it in all the places. You can find them here:

Thanks so much! XOTL

“…for those who are able to identify with Sternberg, Then I Try Some More has the potential to be life-savingly relatable.” Pitchfork

“Sternberg has a way with simple stories and melodies that feel eternal…” Stereogum

“Sternberg’s music is upfront in its need for human connection. Then I Try Some More reveals the very maw of their sadness…” The FADER

“…these are their feelings, their truth, we can only sit back, listen and be thankful that Joanna is willing to share this with the world.” For The Rabbits

“New York-based singer Joanna Sternberg makes quirky, playful folk songs that recall The Moldy Peaches.” NPR

“For a debut, Joanna Sternberg’s Then I Try Some More conceals no raw nerves — everything is placed on the line.” Exclaim!

“…Sternberg barely fills the space around them, their tempered half-thoughts drifting in and out of focus, like bursts of bright sunlight through stale bedroom air.” Gold Flake Paint

“…Sternberg’s voice shines here, wavering to deliver the perfect amount of emotional vulnerability that we all long for.” Uproxx

“Sternberg sounds a bit like another Joanna—Newsom, that is, whose playful freak-folk attracted a cult following in the early 2000s. Sternberg wields similarly whimsical, barebones arrangements with that same childlike attitude.” Paste

“…heart-wrenching without being over the top.” Brooklyn Vegan

“Sternberg’s upcoming new album, Then I Try Some More, simultaneously reflects the pain of being viewed as “other” by most of the world and provides a source of strength and solace for those with similar struggles.” Spotify

“Joanna Sternberg is a life saver.” Balloon Machine