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New List Alert!

Our most recent list comes courtesy of A Weather. Find out each band member’s favorite 90’s R&B song here!

A Weather‘s debut full-length record, Cove, will be released in March.

Ten Best Mustaches in Rock n’ Roll by ELLE LIEN
Top 12 Vegan Things of 2007 BY JACOB AND LAGUSTA
Top Ten Things to do when You’re Bored by FLOWERS FOREVER
Albums to Listen to on US Interstates in 2007 by THE BERG SANS NIPPLE

A treat for Portland

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, catch A Weather on the air and on the stage here:

11/09/2007 05:00 PM – Live on KPSU AM 1450 KPSU http://www.kpsu.org/listen
11/10/2007 08:00 PM – The Artistery, Portland Oregon
12/20/2007 09:00 PM – Holocene, Portland Oregon

A Weather on KBOO

A Weather will perform live this Wednesday, at 9:30ish Pacific time, on Portland Radio Station KBOO. If you are not lucky enough to live in the Greater Portland Area, check out the station stream here.

New A Weather video, “The Feather Test”