New Tilly & the Wall album “Heavy Mood” coming this October!

Following an eventful four years which found Tilly & the Wall rising to the national stage with appearances on ‘Sesame Street’ and ‘90210,’ the beloved quintet returns with a fierce new album, ‘Heavy Mood,’ out October 2 on Team Love. Produced by Mike Mogis and featuring collaborations with Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Clark Baechle (The Faint) and Shane Aspegren (The Berg Sans Nipple), ‘Heavy Mood‘ is the band’s most adventurous album to date. Listen to the explosive lead single “Love Riot” here:

Heavy Mood‘ was written and recorded over a period of life changing events for all five members; Derek Pressnall, Jamie Williams Pressnall, and Kianna Alarid Cameron got married and all three had kids, while Nick White and Neely Jenkins moved to Los Angeles (Nick joined his friends’ band The Young Veins and Neely moved to LA to teach yoga, and began teaching online classes for Taiwanese students).

Mirroring this change, the ten new songs of ‘Heavy Mood‘ explore new musical palettes without losing the exuberant spirit that launched their acclaimed debut album, ‘Wild Like Children.’ By blending their signature stomps, taps and hand claps with electronic beats, using electric guitars to build thicker walls of sound, and embracing a fearless approach where love and aggression equally thrive, Tilly & the Wall make ‘Heavy Mood‘ their most eclectic album to date. The in-your-face title-track “Heavy Mood” embodies their playful spitfire, while the reverb-drenched “Baby Guns” attacks with Spector-like production and harmonies. The haunting ballads “I Believe In You” and “Let Go” shift into electro-pop, while album closer “Defenders” epitomizes their new vision: “Absolute freedom is to be unafraid, fearless,” says Kianna Alarid.

Tilly & the Wall made their late night TV debut on ‘Letterman’ behind their sophomore album, ‘Bottoms of Barrels,’ and, since the release of 2008’s ‘O,’ Tilly’s breakout singles- “Beat Control” and “Pot Kettle Black”- have been featured in countless blockbuster movies (‘Whip It!,’ ‘Observe and Report’, etc.), major network TV shows and commercials. More recently, the group sang on She & Him’s ‘Volume 2’ single “In The Sun.”

Stay tuned for the release of the “Defenders” music video, US tour dates and more.

Tilly & the Wall are:
Kianna Alarid Cameron
Derek Pressnall
Neely Jenkins
Nick White
Jamie Williams Pressnall

Heavy Mood‘ Tracklist:

  1. Love Riot
  2. Heavy Mood
  3. All Kinds of Guns
  4. Static Expressions
  5. Thicker Than Thieves
  6. Hey Rainbow
  7. I Believe In You
  8. Echo My Love
  9. Youth
  10. Defenders

Tilly and the Wall on the Web:!/OfficialTATW

“Electrick Children” premieres at SXSW

Rebecca Thomas’ film “Electrick Children” had its US premiere this week at SXSW; Team Love fans in the audience may have recognized a song or two. Conduits’ song “Top of the Hill” provides the soundtrack for the trailer (above), and the movie also features a cover of The Nerves “Hangin on the Telephone” by Tilly and the Wall/Flowers Forever’s Derek Pressnall.

Conduits debut album comes out on March 20th, two days before they embark on a spring tour with Cursive and Cymbals Eat Guitars. Order a copy of your very own at our webstore. 

Top of the Hill (mp3) / Order “Conduits” at our webstore.


CSS and Tilly and the Wall met during various performances on the European festival circuit. Meeting out of an interest in each others music they became fast friends and soon after shared a tour bus on a European tour. Having so much fun together on the road they vowed to do it again in the states, and the Fall of 2008 provided them such an opportunity. Not wanting to miss out on such a fun and unique tour, Rob Walters and his film crew approached the bands with the idea of filming. CSS & Tilly and the Wall Appearing Live Tonight! Is the resulting document.

APPEARING LIVE TONIGHT! is a 73 min concert documentary capturing these unique bands’ live show experience. Containing live performances and all access backstage footage APPEARING LIVE TONIGHT! introduces the viewer to CSS and Tilly and the Wall in an intimate way never explored before with these musicians. Exclusive interviews with the bands supplement the footage, covering a range of topics, from each band’s beginnings to the current double billing and what may lie ahead of them in the future.


Tilly & the Wall are everywhere!

Tilly and the WallTilly & the Wall’s infectious “Pot Kettle Black” is featured in the brand new Drew Barrymore directed film “Whip It!”. The song also appears on the soundtrack to the film which is in stores now.


A live version of “Beat Control” appears on Viva Radio’s “The Best of You + Me” digital compilation (so does an interview with the band). The comp is only $5, and you can buy it at Viva Radio’s official website.

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The Felice Brothers midwest + west coast tour, Tilly in Iowa

The Felice Brothers have announced a crop of dates that will take them all the way out west.

Tilly & the Wall will play in Des Moines, Iowa at the 80/35 Festival this July. Read more…