Capgun Coup: Computer Screens + TVs video

Check out Capgun Coup’s amazing new video for “Computer Screens and TVs”, directed by band member Sam Martin’s younger brother Harrison. The song is from the band’s latest album, Maudlin, which is in stores now.


Watch: Capgun Coup “When I’m Gone”

The lovely people over at Consequence of Sound have premiered a brand new Capgun Coup video for the song “When I’m Gone”. Check it out here!

From Consequence of Sound:

“Turns out that the entire Tyler Chikenelli-directed three-minute video was done with pictures, creating a jerky stop motion-esque feel to the entire deal. The video, consisting mostly of performance shots and a few seconds of a band member getting intimate in a field of leaves in what we can only describe as a Snuggie, feels like a wonderfully amateur cartoon full of weird angles and lots of colors. Of course, the band’s sound suits that DIY sound. In a world of increasingly more prevalent surf punk, the band play the caffeine and Pixie Stick brand of the genre, complete with monotone singing and heavy on the vaguely Caribbean, mostly danceable keys. Seriously, we can’t say it enough: Check this out.”

Capgun Coup – “Only the Times are Changing” (VIDEO)

Stream Capgun Coup’s “Maudlin” at AOL/Spinner!

AOL/Spinner is streaming Capgun Coup’s brand new record “Maudlin” in its entirety. Try it before you buy it!

Capgun Coup – “Sitting on the Sidewalk”

RCDRLBL has premiered a brand new Capgun Coup song, “Sitting on the Sidewalk”! Check it out at the RCDRLBL website. If you like what you hear, pick up a copy of “Maudlin”, Capgun’s new album, in stores tomorrow!