NEW RELEASE: bentcousin – Dizzy/2014 – 7″ Single


new single


with b-side 2014


“You’re not supposed to like bentcousin. Or at least that’s what you’re told. Bratty, assertive and completely unsubtle…and yet they somehow still manage to be utterly lovable.”

                                                                                                –Gold Flake Paint

“They mine from a rich vein of British indie pop and rock with nods to classic bands like Orange Juice and Altered Images…”

                                                                                                –Mad Mackerel

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vinyl is dead, long live vinyl


Bentcousin – Bentpaperboy Music Video

bentcousin’s everybody’s got one in stores today

 bentcousin’s debut album “everybody’s got one” is in stores today!
Check out what the folks over at Louder than War had to say about the twin siblings, and pick up your copy at itunes for only $4.99!
Everybody’s Got One – EP – Bentcousin.

Stream it before you buy it below:

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Stream bentcousin’s “Everybody’s Got One” at Paste

Check out bentcousin’s “I Quit You” at Paper!

“Twins delivered in different decades — Amelia on December 31, 1989 and Pat on January 1, 1990 — London’s bentcousin deal in deadpan bubblegum phrasings that might remind you of the Moldy Peaches or Orange Juice.”


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