Ian McElroy is an American MC born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, currently living in NYC. He has been writing & recording music since childhood, performing with bands such as Desaparecidos and Rig 1, his main musical outlet for over a decade.

Out on May 13, 2014, North of Maple is the second release on Team Love Records by Rig 1.


There's a gang of course, a support crew; a posse that keeps the spaceship moving: Clark Baechle doesn't make beats, he writes code for robots that transform into drum machines when they leave the bar...Jacob and Dapose from the Faint are here, as is Walcott, the maestro who offends entire philharmonics with his 4th dimensional charts that twist like vines around Mayan time machines. The vocal purr of Orenda Fink and the planet-naming Fairchild Fairchild (how are you man) both contribute to the soup. And keeping the whole thing from spinning out of orbit is Andy LeMaster, not so much a producer, but a product of his own heat-soaked fantasy of what music needs to sound like if the aliens are ever going make a pit stop on our rock.


Dirty Little Sica
Out the Periphery


Above the Treeline West of the Periodic
Above the Treeline West of the Periodic
October 7, 2008
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North of Maple
North of Maple
May 13, 2014
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