Team Love Records is a New York based label that was founded by Nate and Conor in the Fall of 2003. Rebecca came along a few months thereafter, and Matt joined the team in the spring of 2007. Team Love moved in 2010 from NYC to New Paltz, where we found Autumn, the newest member of Team Love.



what we’re listening to

Breakfast In Fur-Flyaway Garden (BarNone)

Jessica Pratt-On Your Own Love Again (Drag City)

Pop Staples-Don’t Lose This (dBpm)

Oren Ambarchi – Quixotism (Editions Mego)

Mumdance & Logos-Proto (Tectonic)

Martha-Courting Strong (Salinas)

Glaxo Babies-Nine Months To The Disco (Superior Viaduct)

Bone & Joint Center-Star Super (Flipped Out)

Transllusion-The Opening of the Cerebral Gate (Tresor)

PRhyme-PRhyme (PRhyme Records)

Aphex Twin-user487363530001 (Soundcloud)


if you are a musician who would like us to hear your music

Please fill out the demo submission form.

While we do our best to listen to unsolicited demos we regret that we cannot offer feedback. Please only fill out the form once, and note that we only accept digital submissions of demos (less postage + packing tape for all of us!). Good luck!

specific contacts

For all other inquiries (touring, licensing, retail, general questions) please fill out the form to your right. If you’re looking for someone specific, you may send an email to Nate, Autumn, Matt or Rebecca.


general inquiries should be sent to info @ team-love dot com


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